What to Expect


The service begins at 9:15am and is finished around 10:30.  Our Sunday School classes begin at 11:00 with coffee and bagels provided beforehand.  During the worship service we have childcare (downstairs) for children four and under.  Here are a few of our priorities to help you know what to expect.

Expectant Worship... 

Worship is a sacred meeting.  We expect God to be present.  To put it another way, our primary expectation is not to learn something or feel something, we expect to meet someone!  Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we find both forgiveness and a Father -- the worship service is a time to stop and enjoy the peace and rest that comes from that.

Rich Worship... 

Worship is rooted in truth, in fact it is our weekly reorienting around the truth. We place a high priority on the content of our worship service.  From song selection to confessions of faith, we hope that you will be fed and nourished in all aspects of the service.

A Relaxed Liturgy...

Worship is coming home.  We dress comfortably, sing songs in a pleasing style, and have structure and elements we repeat each week.  Worship should give you an anchor you can always depend on and our Gospel-filled liturgy provides that for us.  Our liturgy also wears the clothes of contemporary life since it should not only be anceint, but feel relevant.

We hope that you will join us for worship on a Sunday morning.