These letters (emails actually) have been sent from our pastor to our church family.  These essays were not originally intended for the general public and, for that reason, may represent topics or perspectives that are unique to our region or church.  We use this medium to further explain practices or theologies held at CTK, especially ones we don't get to spend time talking about.  We also use these letters to help our people interpret issues or experiences they are having to confront in the outside world.  These are only written periodically, when it seems appropriate to hear from our pastor on a particular issue. 

Pastoral Letters

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On George Floyd

Almost daily I’m being asked about my thoughts regarding this challenge facing our country....

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Worship: Phase 1


We are beginning to meet again as a church, here's how... ...

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The Image of God

Hebrews 2 describes the dominion of Christ as it related to him becoming the Second Adam. ...

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Jesus & the Psalms


The significance of Jesus being the First Psalm Singer...

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Handling Judges


What do we do with the questionable characters of Judges? ...

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Officer Nominations!

With so many people unfamiliar with our tradition, here is an explainer on how we will add new elders and deacons. ...

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Wednesday Prayers

Wednesday Prayer

Come and sit in the presence of God. Come experience the joy of looking to the Lord “as the eyes of a servant looks to the hand of his master.”...

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Revelation Revealed!


Why are people so dogmatic about the Book of Revelation? An explainer. ...

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The Psalms: Our Book of Prayer


The Psalms were given to us to be our Prayer Book and to teach us how to interpret our world....

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Understanding the Benedict Option


The Benedict Option is a provocative book we've been wrestling with in our Forum. Here are some thoughts that might help make sense of the author's points....

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