"Exalting Christ, Equipping His Saints, Extending His Kingdom"

A new church in Joplin, Missouri.

Worship with Us

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Worship Service: 9:15 am

Sunday School: Sunday Mornings at 11:00

1930 Virginia Ave in Joplin, MO

(417) 624-4220

Our Aim

We seek to be a genuine church family that loves each other and embraces everyone.  We dedicate ourselves to applying the freedom and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to every aspect of life.  We want to be known as a church that drinks deeply from the treasures of Scripture.  We are a place where lives have been transformed.  As a somewhat regional church, we are trying to create a place to come, learn and experience God through his word, which empowers our people to go and live out the gospel in the communities they call home.

Sermons from 1Peter

Peter’s first letter was written to people suffering persecution from friends, neighbors, and business associates.  These Christians, within only a couple of years, would experience the fiery trials of persecution from the Roman Empire.  As they face a challenging present and an uncertain future, 1Peter reminds them of the grace of God that stands as a bulwark as they gird themselves for life in a fallen world.  Click here to find our current sermons.