Our Work Your Calling

Our Work Your Calling

Your Calling... 

You have been created in the image of God. As his image bearer, you have been called by God to represent his rule in the world in which he has put you. Hobbies and work, personal and family time, all of these are a gift from God and provide you with a calling. You may be a farmer, a doctor, a homeschool mom, a welder, or a public school teacher; regardless, God has equipped you for that specific work and he takes pleasure in you performing it.

Sin breaks this. Sin deceives us into thinking that work or play is our god. Or, sometimes, sin gets us to think our work is the greatest evil from which we need to be delivered! We quickly end up living for work, living for play, or just barely living at all.  This is not the way life was intended to be. Adam and Eve had a vocation and a family long before they felt the sting of sin and toil.

Our Work...

We believe the work of the church is to heal what has been broken by sin. Through the gospel ministry, we introduce you to a God that has made everything right in Jesus Christ and he can, and will, transform your life. That is the work of our church. It is a simple work — we are here to support you as you live out God's call on your life. We minister to you and you transform society. Your vocation, your family, your hobbies, your passions; those are what God has given you. In the gospel, he has reconciled your calling with his power.

The ministry of our church equips you to go and serve God in the ways you love. It is your calling, it is our work to make sure you are well fed to go and live it.

So what does that look like?

We do not keep you busy with church. We simply don’t run programs. We worship, counsel, serve and fellowship together, but with an eye towards sending people out instead of filling their calendars with church functions. We would rather you be in the coffee shops of Joplin instead of working at the church, creating a Christian alternative. We want you at office parties and parent/teacher conferences because that is where God is working.

Time is precious and we focus ours on the central message with which we’ve been entrusted: the proclamation of Christ as King. So we are simple church. We know what we are good at and we know what we feel called to do — and we spend our time doing that.