Eschatology, a Study

At our church's Wednesday evening activities, the adults are studying "the end times," or eschatology. This class will represent all the major views but mostly try to understand the Scriptures first. This being an informal lecture and sometimes discussion, this is not intended to represent the specifici views of our church. We are recording and posting these for those who can't attend the class in person so please take them for how they are intended, an informal discussion by the members of our church. 

1. The Beginning of the End: an Introduction (Sept 24, 2020)

2. Old Testament Eschatology (Sept 30, 2020)

3. The End According to Jesus (Oct 7, 2020)

4. The Second Coming of Christ (Oct 21, 2020)

5. The Resurrection of the Dead (Oct 28, 2020)

6. The Judgment (Nov 18, 2020)

7. Israel in the Last Days - pt1 (January 10, 2021)

8. Israel in the Last Days - pt2 (January 17, 2021)