Worship: Phase 2

phase 2

As of June 7th, we will be in PHASE 2 of our reopening of the church. Phase 2 means that we will have only one worship service! Though it will certainly feel more normal, we will continue to keep the recommendations provided by our city and state. So it isn’t an “all clear,” but it is a “much better.” 

Worship will go back to being at 9:15am. Our hope is to have communion and a more robust liturgy but communion, in particular, is still being figured out. We will now livestream the service at 9:15am, and will continue to do so until our whole church family can join us for worship. Please do not feel the need to come if you are at risk or ill.

There will still be numerous precautions in place during this phase. 

  • There will be no nursery or Sunday school. 
  • The offering plate will still be in back and online giving is still an option.
  • We ask that you sit in the designated rows with one family unit per row. 
  • The larger families will need the back middle rows. Also, please let smaller families with young children have the back sides. Many of them may end up wandering around in front of you if you don’t! 
  • We still request that people wear masks during the singing. 
  • Bethany is also resuming on June 7 so we need a few people to help sanitize between services. Our only responsibility is to take Clorox wipes and wipe down the back of the pews. If some people just want to jump on that after the service it shouldn’t take long. 

With more people attending the single service, crowd flow is something we are taking seriously.

  • We are not going to use ushers, they might just further clog up the aisles. So please use good judgment to keep from congregating in areas people need to pass through.
  • We encourage you to arrive early enough that not everyone is trying to get in the door at once.
  • Speaking of doors, all the exterior stairs/doors facing Virginia AND those facing 20th will be open. Also, we will have the door in the front of the sanctuary (near the organ) available for easy exit. 
  • If you want to linger, stay in your row for a little bit or do so outside. If you want to zip out quickly then feel free to do that. 
  • Expect to use the balcony more than normal. You can use the normal balcony stairs or those near my office to minimize traffic. 

As I mentioned, our hope is to have communion at this first full worship service. It may not happen since we’ve got a lot of things to coordinate to ensure safety and proper hygiene. Every time I try and explain how we’ll do it, it ends up sounding far more complicated than it really is. So I’ll just wait and explain it during the service. You can rest assured that we are working to make it available to all in a way that fits with current health guidelines. If you are not ready to take communion, especially if you have risk factors or health concerns, please don’t. We are all going to be re-entering normalcy at various speeds. 

It will be so wonderful for so many of us to be back together again.