Online Giving

We have finally been able to set up online giving from our church website.

You can go to our church website and click the tab on the upper right, aptly called "GIVE." From there you will be directed to a website administered by the PCA Foundation, which is the financial arm of our denomination. Their work on this is in response to the Coronavirus. They are doing this to give churches a way to receive offerings without usual online transaction fees.

Three important items to know: 

  1. If you use a credit card, some of your gift will go to the credit card company. Direct draft, and possibly debit cards, are free from those fees. 
  2. The money you give through this current setup will be recorded as a gift to the PCA Foundation, and you will get a 2020 giving statement from them instead of CTK. The money comes to CTK, but on our books it will look like cash. So keep an eye out for that next tax season.
  3. We may keep online giving but after the pandemic subsides we may change how we do it, we’ll keep you posted when that time comes. 

In the weeks and months to come, our church will likely begin assisting CTK families that lose work and income, so if you have the means, giving is as important now as it is when we are doing our normal thing. 

Thank you!