Church Life

CTKpicnicOur church is not an activist movement or a finely tuned organization.  Our church, first and foremost, is a family.  We enjoy each other.  We relish the fact that we have a wide variety of ages. Most of our activities are social, and our best stuff is organic. We are not programatic in our approach to church life. CTK is a place of worship. It is a place to be nourished and revived together. All of our ministry flows out of that priority.


Stuff for the Kids...

  • We provide childcare during the worship service for children four and under.  
  • We offer  Sunday School for all ages.

Stuff for the Youth... 

  • We have Jr High and Sr High Sunday School.
  • Wednesday night Bible Study
  • Monthly outings, from scavenger hunts to paintball.
  • We typically have other, seasonal, outings from retreats to camping trips. 

Stuff for the Women... 

  • We have some Bible Studies that meet in homes for women.  
  • Mom's with young kids gather for organized playdates. 
  • On the Second Friday of every month our women get together for fellowship and activities.
  • Throughout the school year, we host a Theology Forum for women.  We typically meet monthly at Panera Bread Co.

Stuff for the Men... 

  • We host two different Men's Lunches each week: one in Joplin and one in Carthage.  In these groups we read Scripture together and pray.
  • We have a Theology Forum that meets at places that have good beer.
  • "Man Night" happens when we are on our game.  We've sat on porches, sat by a bonfire, and watched movies. 

Stuff for Everyone... 

  • Each month we have a Fellowship Meal together either at the church or a cookout at someone's house.
  • We have rotating dinner groups that meet monthly during the school year.
  • We have Bible Studies hosted at homes for those who are interested.