Worship & Zoom Groups

Below is a lot of important information about how we will go about doing ministry at Christ the King in the weeks (months?) to come. This may be a little long, but each new heading will start with some really important info and then follow up with less critical explanations. So if you need to skim, do so accordingly. 


Our Session has decided that we will comply with local, state, and federal guidelines regarding our gatherings. That means that we will suspend meeting in person for corporate worship and other activities until further notice. 

This decision is disappointing to all of us. The state does not have authority over the church but the church, as a community organization, has the right and sometimes the responsibility to act in accord with the government. I know that some people might have concerns that we are acting out of fear of the virus or fear of the government, that simply is not true. Our Session believes the request for a temporary stay is reasonable, and not an act of government persecution nor is our compliance to be interpreted as an act of faithlessness. Our suspension is a matter of us following governmental guidelines and not an act of capitulation to earthly powers. 


We will livestream a meditation on Scripture on Sunday morning at 10am. We will probably throw in a couple of songs performed by the Coronavirus Singers (the Dunn girls). NOTE: this will be broadcast on YouTube and not on Facebook Live. 

  • Supposedly, you will be able to tune in by going to my YouTube channel (I hope it works just to click on that, you may have to snoop around my channel). We will also put a link to the channel on our Facebook pages this weekend. 
  • We will start the livestream around 9:55am so you will have time to try and get on and get settled. 

Just to let you know, we will opt for a more intimate format. One of the few bright spots of not going live last weekend was the chance to consider what we actually want this to be. Things at CTK always lack pretense, even when things are “formal.” And worship is never a performance. The Session and I feel like me preaching to an empty room while you sit in your PJ’s makes it seem as if we are trying replicate something that we can’t quite replicate. So we aren’t going to try. We have come up with a format we hope will feel native to CTK and fitting for the occasion. It will be about 30-40min and include a few songs we will send out, Scripture, and prayer. I am thinking of it as family worship more than formal church. If we don’t like it, then we can change it for next week. 


We have divided up our regular attenders into “Zoom Groups.” Sorry for not asking, we just kinda did it. That seemed like the best way to get a jump on things. You do not have to participate if you don’t want to. On the other hand, if you don’t hear from someone, let us know in case we accidentally didn’t add you.  

  • In the next day or so (before Sunday!) you will hear from your Zoom Leader. They will give you directions on how to join the meeting that they will host after our Sunday worship. In general, they will provide you with a “meeting ID” that you can dial into once they have started the meeting. Your leader will pick a time, and then you will use the app or web, put in the number, and there you are… you are zooming. 
  • Sometime around 10:45am on Sunday, the Zoom Groups will act like breakout sessions where y’all can discuss the psalm I led us through or simply connect about how each person is doing during this time. This is a great time to share needs and pray together. 
  • If your Zoom Leader has a free account, and most do, these Zoom Meetings have a 40min limit. 
  • These groups can also touch base throughout the week and can be a conduit for making your needs known to us. These Leaders will be our eyes and ears throughout the church for the time being. 


The Sunday Zoom Groups will probably be adult oriented, so we are going to ask each Sunday School teacher to host a weekly Zoom Meeting with their kids at your own convenience. It is critical for the kids to stay in touch with the friends and the teachers who have spent the last year with them. Each teacher has been asked to contact their kids through the parents, so expect to hear from them soon. 

That should probably cover it. I know this is a challenging time for us in so many surprising ways. It is my hope that we will begin to minister and connect in just as surprising a ways.