On George Floyd

Almost daily I’m being asked about my thoughts regarding this challenge facing our country. At the sometime, most of my pastor-friends are sending out messages to the church regarding it, yet I haven’t. It hasn’t been for lack of care for you, it is more out of bewilderment. So here are my “thoughts,” and I don’t expect to send any more. 

There is so much noise and I don’t want to contribute to it. Most of the noise is simply clamoring to create a single narrative and I don’t believe there is one. We still have racial divides in our country. We also have people in the streets and in government that are drunk with power. We also have people on social media that are craving the power and the platform of others. We have good and bad people in our country that are doing good and bad things and it isn’t always clear which is which (both people and things). What do I say to all of that? What can any of us? 

Meanwhile I have not seen anything that you in my church have done on social media or in real life that is cause for concern. So many people right now are offering corrections to people that haven’t done anything wrong. It is probably good that we are all becoming aware (yet again) of our problems, but I don’t think any of you have your head so far in the sand that you didn’t already know that. 

So that is what I’d like to say. That isn’t very consoling, but I think you’d find better consolation in prayer than pundit-like words from me. 

Speaking of consolation, the Psalms give us the platform to pray through every possible scenario that might be weighing on your heart during this time. 

  • Feeling like the world is raging? Psalm 2
  • Feeling like the helpless are being crushed? Psalm 10
  • Feeling fearful and wondering how it will all end? Psalm 37
  • Feeling like the wicked are acting like our God works for them? Psalm 50
  • Feeling like you have sinned and need forgiveness? Psalm 51
  • Feeling like mobs are prowling the streets? Psalm 59
  • Feeling like things are spinning out of control? Psalm 74
  • Feeling like there is no hope? Psalm 88
  • Feeling like God should Sodom & Gomorrah this thing? Psalm 109
  • Feeling like you need to quit listening to everyone but God? Psalm 119
  • Feeling like you need the psalmist to remind you of the big picture? Psalm 148

The din of noise tells us we have to feel a certain way, believe a certain narrative, see it from a certain perspective. The Psalms, on the other hand, remind us that maybe the Indigo Girls were right: “there’s more than one answer to these questions, pointing us in a crooked line.” 

Feel how you feel, and bring that to God today. He is on his throne.