COVID-19: Services Canceled

We are canceling our church service as a precaution for the coronavirus. 

As testing becomes more available in our area we expect cases to begin showing up. Since so many people of our congregation are at high risk, from older people to newborns and pregnant mothers, we feel it is wise to protect those at risk with this decisive precaution. We have had way too many infants in the ER this winter for our Session to feel good about exposing them to unnecessary exposure. 

We are only canceling the service for this Sunday. You can probably expect that this action will be extended for following weeks, but we will communicate week-to-week as more information becomes available. We are very blessed to have a pathologist on our Session! Craig is a wonderful resource in this kind of situation. 

We have toyed with the idea of providing a video feed but, the truth is, that runs counter to what we believe corporate worship is. We do not believe we can substitute the meeting of God’s people with a video, so we will not even try. We would rather you spend meaningful time with your family in prayer and worship tomorrow. Here is how you might want to worship… 

Praying the psalms as a family: 

One of our favorite ways to pray as a family is to use the psalms. One of us will read a psalm (like Psalm 63) very slowly so everyone can understand it. We then talk through the points it made and each share what we learned about God, faith, ourselves. Then we go around the room and everyone prays a prayer that comes from what the psalm taught them… thanking God, asking God, or repenting to God. 

Reading the Gospel as worship: 

Another helpful tool with a family is to use what is sometimes called Ignatian Contemplation. Read a passage from a gospel (like Jesus calming the storm) and have your family imagine together what it would be like. What did the wind feel like, the waves, the wet clothes? What did it look like: the sea, the spray, the looks on the disciples’ faces, the look of Jesus sleeping? And what would have the calm sea felt like afterwards? How quiet would it have been? How happy would you have been? This is really helpful for children. In this age-old form of contemplation, you meditate on the story as if you were in the story. Talk about what you learned.

So I would suggest something like: 

  1. Pray Psalm 63
  2. Meditate on Mark 4:35-41
  3. Reflect on Psalm 107:23-32
  4. Pray the Lord’s Prayer
  5. Sing the Doxology

Thank you for understanding. We hope that you will experience sweet time as a family as we also serve to protect our own at risk families and help our community at large. Pray for those who are loosing time from work because of this.