COVID-19: New Normal

I hope you all are safe and healthy as we all hunker down during this time. Our decision to suspend worship last week was a quick decision and we wanted to touch base again now that we are all settling in to this new normal. What follows are some things that might help us go forward and be a church, even if wisdom suggests we do things differently for the time being. If you have any questions after reading this let me know. Also, if you have any physical or emotional needs that arise please let us know.

NOTE: Some of the stuff below is subject to change. I can’t believe it, but just a week ago today we were wondering if we should adjust communion!!! So hold on loosely... 

Video Conferencing

We have purchased a plan with Zoom, a video conferencing platform, that will allow small groups to meet together for prayer, discussion, etc. When I get that set up I will send out directions but be patient, it is technology and will take me awhile to figure it out. I would encourage people to use this as much as you want. Sunday school teachers can meet with their kids, Bible Studies can form, we can do all kinds of things. 

Prayer at Church 

I will be at church most workdays in the coming weeks. If you would like to come and pray in the sanctuary you can. The church will remain locked, but you are free to text me and see if I’m around. We will open the church on Wednesday evenings, from 5pm to 7pm, for individual prayer. 

Meeting at Church

If you would like to meet together downstairs for a small Bible Study you are welcome to do that. We ask that you take safe measures in social distancing, etc. We also will ask that you disinfect the items in the nursery if your children play during your meeting. If you need the church to be unlocked for this, just coordinate with me. We ask that these meetings keep to the 10 people maximum and that you refrain from sharing food and drinks. The men’s Wednesday-non-lunch-noon-thing will begin again this coming week.

Meeting in Homes

Some have asked about meeting together in homes. Meeting together has never needed our approval so nothing has really changed on that. We do not want to endorse meetings simply because we think that unnecessary physical meetings could possibly be unwise, but you are not usurping our authority if you meet together. We know it is hard to be isolated but, with the first case now being reported in Joplin, this is a time for caution.

Video Devotionals

We understand that it might be good to you hear from your pastor during this time so we will post video devotionals on my YouTube channel that you can watch at your own leisure, or not. We will not try and replicate worship, we just feel the need to be present in your life as much as that is possible. I am thinking I’ll just go through the Psalms, I’m not sure how often. At least once a week. If you want me to do more I can. I get my fill of Reed super quick so I am the last person that wants to impose. Having said that, there are 150 Psalms and I love each one of them like they were my own children. If you are someone that cares about this sort of thing I definitely would appreciate your thoughts on this. I will let you know when I post them.

It probably goes without saying, but please exercise caution if you partake of anything related to the church. We have some very high-risk people in this church and they aren’t necessarily the people you might expect. If you have people in your life that could be harmed by your time with others, then by all means stay home. This virus will pass, the Church will not.