COVID-19: Church Life, Etc.

I guess it has become obvious, but we will not be having church this coming Sunday. For the moment, we are suspending worship and all church activities through the end of March. As we have more information (and more time to process) we will make a decision for April and beyond.

In the weeks to come, we will figure out what it means to be a church… Our goals will be to ensure that you are cared for and have what you need. If we can stay connected, then so much the better. The easiest place to begin is by someone from the church calling to check in and, if nothing else, hear how you are handling this time. If you have any specific needs, there may be ways we can help. If you are concerned about getting out, we can have people run some errands for you, you’ll just have to let us know. 

I will send out worship liturgies for your family each week. I am also toying with sending out written things, since this may be a good time for me to do some writing. It may even be a time for some people to join together over Zoom and pray or discuss life and Scripture, but I am not techno savvy and someone else might need to jump on that.

These are unprecedented times to say the least. We have already watched Frozen II and it’s only Tuesday! We are also down to eleven rolls of toilet paper at our house, with five women! I say five, because one of the biggest contributors to our TP use is the wienie dog that pees whenever we enter the house. LA has put our females on lockdown, we now have a stash of old washcloths beside each toilet for non-essential business. But we are fine… we like the challenge. 

Hearing some of Trump’s speech last night, I commented to Lee Ann that he sounded really presidential. Tiki chimed in with, “It only took three years and a pandemic!” If you didn’t already know, Trump has failed to win the black vote over here on Ridge Trail. Even still, it’s good to remember our leaders as we pray for those who have not only been affected, but those tasked to lead us through it. 

I don’t know about you, but making life changes like this leads me to both fear and faith, at the very same time. Even though I’m supposed to be home because of Spring Break, I am constantly aware of this “thing” that is controlling my actions. It rattles my nerves that some unseen reality is dictating my life, whether it be a virus, the CDC, or a bunch of hoarders. Meanwhile, giving up my control actually drives me toward the One who in fact does have control. I am more aware of God’s involvement than usual: in the events of this world, my dependence on him, and my thankfulness to him. I am reminded that my own schedule and control are mere illusions that can lull me to spiritual sleep. So this is a time for us to wake up, it’s time to realize that our God is on his throne. His hand is, and always has been, guiding us through unseen peril and controlling our daily activities.