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Briarwood PCA is making headlines for requesting permission to create its own police force. Since people may ask you about it, here is my response (without knowing all the details)....

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Inerrancy and John 8


How does our handling of John 8 affect our understanding of inerrancy?...

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Why We Aren't Throwing Stones


John 7:53-8:11 is a wonderful story, but does it belong in the Bible?...

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The Torah


Reflection and thanksgiving as we complete our sermons on the first five books of the Bible....

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Happy Halloween!


Halloween marks one of the more important days in church history. Do you know the whole story?...

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Thoughts on Race


How does the gospel free you to think rationally about the race problems in our country?...

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Holy Week


What did Jesus do during that last week of earthly ministry?...

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The Practice of Lent


Why don't we have an Ash Wednesday service or celebrate Lent as a congregation?...

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Raising Hands in Worship

We raise our hands to God during worship, not because of our emotions but because he tells us to....

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Wheaton & Islam


Do Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship the same God?...

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